8:00-18:00 (delivery)


Workshops are an extremely popular activity that we can now see in anywhere. Workshops on how to sell products, seminars on new product launches, etc. .. for people to discuss the need for a nice space with snacks to create a sense of try. comfortable for the participants.

To have a successful workshop, it is impossible not to mention the most important factor is organization. And you are looking for an ideal place to organize your workshop, come to Kokogreen you will have a successful seminar.

With a professional organization we will create an impressive seminar space with delicious food presented attractive will definitely give you a great experience at the Assembly.


KOKOGREEN's Trusted Use of Services

• Danang Administrative Center - Entrance Entrance Entrance 2017
Apec Event Series:
• Apec Youth Language Forum 2017 At Da Nang University
• Welcome Secretary of State of Australia - In Da Nang Business Park
• Vietnam - US Public Partnership Program - University of Arizona United States Organization
Other Units
• Sony Professional Camcorder Workshop
• Workshop Panasonic
• Danang Tourism Promotion Center
• Regional Auditing Center III
• Brightland Real Estate Company