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Tea Break Catering Service

Catching the growing demand of holding Da Nang tea party in the daily events, Kokogreen bring you service to order tea in Danang with impressive professional organization.

tiệc trà bánh đà nẵng

Da Nang tea party today is no stranger to many people and it becomes an indispensable service in many types of events such as seminars, conferences, opening shops, showrooms, Product launches, training sessions, parties, birthdays,...

đặt tiệc trà bánh đà nẵng

Tea parties can be arranged before or during the event to serve the guests. Soft drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, pastries, fruit ... will help participants to feel relaxed, more relaxed during the break between meetings, or more alert. At the start of the event, a delicious cup of hot tea or coffee smells of milk and lined with some delicious cookies.

tiệc trà bánh

And more importantly, the Danang Tea Party offers guests the opportunity to have more opportunities to chat, meet and chat in an intimate space that is equally solemn and polite.

With the aim of bringing the perfect party, quality and impressive to you and the party attendees, Kokogreen is confident to bring the best parties from the service of the heart of To help you have a full Da Nang tea party full of fun.