8:00-18:00 (delivery)

Grand Opening Ceremony

Opening is considered a great event, as this is an opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to introduce and promote their products and services to the public, marking a new beginning with hype. hope to succeed in the work.

The opening ceremony was not too detailed and sophisticated, but with the trend of integration and modernity, the organization of opening parties became an opportunity for enterprises to introduce culture and working style.So, the launching party is becoming more and more important to the business. The party requires a dynamic and creative team to meet the needs of a highly effective launch party.
Understanding the needs of customers, Kokogreen will help you have a successful launch party, from the set up, decorated, impressed with the tea break or attractive party to the guests. and help you with the minimalist cost, can still hold a beautiful party, effective and impressive.

Photo of Menard Inauguration Party In Indochine in December, 2017